When I started within the music industry I was primarily a musician. Academically I studied GCSE Music and went on to study Jazz and Commercial music. This is where I was first introduced to music business also… a many of my views changed at that point…Around that time I always got frustrated with the whole “Why doesn’t my music get radio play?!”… On reflection, the simple answer was that I should have hired a radio plugger. But to be honest I had never heard of one nor did I understand what a “Plugger” did. In 2014 I co-founded a record label known as Fly on the Wall Records and seemed to do pretty well. Not long after it started up a friend suggested hiring a PR company to support releases. So I did… In all, the label spent around £7,000 on radio Promotions (PR) to support releases. How much radio play was secured? NONE!!! I could not believe it, as in my opinion the tracks were amazing!!

Simply out of frustration, I began to spend hours, days, and even weeks researching all things regarding national radio. What I failed to mention was that I was also working 60 hours a week as a Paramedic during this time. Moving on, I researched email addresses for producers, DJ’s, and editors. After around 2 months I managed to find a few contacts. Sadly, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have contacts who were able to put me in touch with the right people. So, as you can imagine, this was a great success for one’s self! Without hesitation I emailed them with links to the tracks asking them to listen and possibly play. By chance (and I mean literally by chance) a show on BBC 6 Music started playing a release! This was no doubt the biggest success of my music career!!! I had proven to myself that I could become a radio Plugger if I were to put the time and commitment in to maintain ongoing development.

After a short while my path crossed with a major label radio Plugger. He could see what I was trying to achieve and offered his support. He shown me the ropes and made some life changing introductions. From these introductions came relationships within radio… One of those relationships I value a great deal is with Janice Long from Radio 2… Janice has been the most helpful and supportive person that my path had crossed with and will always be. I owe a large part of my success to her. Anyway, since our relationship began I have made many other strong relationships with key radio DJ’s, producers and even heads of music. As a result, they are always welcoming with any new release I am working with and they give it fair consideration. In Many cases I have been successful. Since beginning my career as a radio Plugger I have successfully had many artists played and premiered on BBC Radio 1, 2, 6 Music and BBC Introducing, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio London, Virgin radio, and Beats 1. Amazingly to add, I have also had tracks chosen as track of the week on Radio X.