David Drake Headshot

David is an American photographer and filmmaker living in the UK.

He was born in New York City in 1986 and raised in Poughkeepsie, a small city further upstate. His first exposure to photography was as a teenager in 2001. On September 11th of that year his step-father was photographed by Magnum photographer Larry Towell at ground zero in NYC and the photo was subsequently exhibited and widely published. Shortly thereafter David began experimenting with an old SLR, taking photos around his family home.

After graduating high school David moved away to Ireland and found work as a window cleaner. It was in Dublin where he began to take photography seriously and thought about pursuing it as a career. He eventually moved back to New York and got married to his English girlfriend (whom he met while living abroad). In the years following he worked a number of factory and retail jobs until he finally landed his first freelance photography gig at a local paper. After his daughter was born in 2009 he and his wife Gabby moved to the UK. David began finding work shooting portraits and album artwork for recording artists. Various collaborations over the following years led to a number of projects for artists like The 1975, Django Django, Glass Animals, Amber Run, and labels like Sony, Universal, Warner, Polydor, Vagrant, and Mad Decent.

Today David directs a small visual arts studio called Chloride and shoots for a wide variety of music, fashion, and publishing clients. He also spends a significant amount of time working on personal projects. Most recently he travelled to Death Valley, California and completed a photo pamphlet and short story entitled Sailing Stones, which is available via his imprint Chloride City.